Chemical Wedding Angel and Demon Alchemy Gothic Necklace

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Chemical Wedding Angel and Demon Alchemy Gothic Necklace. Representing the metaphysical union of opposites, the chemical wedding is symbolized here by the physical joining of a bronzed demonic beast on the left and a polished winged angel on the right. Pendant is 2 1/3" high and 1 7/8" wide. Made of fine two-tone lead-free English pewter, comes with 20" cable chain. Authentic Alchemy Gothic necklace.

Customer Testimonials:
"I thought the Demiglove was gorgeous, then I received the Chemical Romance Necklace. Blown away.... I have never seen a piece like this in my life. I was completely intrigued when I saw it on the website, but when it was in my hand, I could not believe the detail, the beauty, and the quality. It is a piece that I can see myself wearing everyday. I will be so proud to wear it and even prouder to tell my friends and co-workers where I purchased such a masterpiece. Thank you for bringing such beauty into my life." - Dana C., Monessen PA

"I don't even remember where I first found Dragonweave, but it is by FAR my favorite store on or offline for purchasing jewelry. I've bought several pieces over the past few years, but I recently got the Chemical Wedding pendant and had to comment. The piece is beautiful in the pictures, but when you actually hold it in your hand, it's simply mesmerizing. The first time I wore this necklace, people stopped and stared and wanted to know where I'd gotten it. I enjoy telling people all about Dragonweave, because I know they'll love it as much as I do. Thank you so much! The jewelry is always so beautiful and arrives so quickly. I'm a Dragonweave shopper for life." - Jennifer L., Alabama

"The Chemical Wedding Necklace is so unusual, yet hypnotic. So much so that my wife wants to wear it too!" - Ian D., Adelaide South Australia

"I don't think anything can be better than this Chemical Wedding Necklace which represents angels and demons together so beautifully ! And its just amazing. THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOO MUCH !!" - I. Shishir, Annandale VA
  • authentic Alchemy Gothic design
  • lead-free fine English pewter
  • includes chain
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