EER Steam-Powered Entropy Calibrator Gothic Watch

$ 450.00 $ 310.95

Alchemy Gothic's "EER Steam-powered Entropy Calibrator" wristwatch will delight any steampunk enthusiast. The cover looks like forged and bolted vault door, with a magnetic closure. Inside the cover is a calibrated design that reads "GMT magneto force". The watch face has more calibration (including an ominous red zone), labeled "temporal decay index" and "galvanic scale." The outside has mysterious tubes and wrapped copper wiring to complete the "far beyond a mere mortal wristwatch" look. Quartz movement, English pewter. Face is 1 3/4" (46mm) wide and band is 2/3" (15mm) wide.

Setting the time: Set your watch by removing the watch face from the cast case. This can be done by putting a finger nail or pin underneath the silver watch face to pop it out. You can then use the dial to adjust the time and pop the watch face back in again. Use this method to initiate and replace the battery as well.

Customer Testimonials:
"I just got my steampunk watch, and it's awesome!! XD" - Joanna N., Fajardo PR

"I just wanted to let you know that I have searched the whole internet for the jewelry and the "EER Steam Powered Entropy Calibrator Steampunk Watch (AW15)" that I've ordered and I find that your prices are the most reasonable and because of this, you may rely on my future business. Many thanks and kind regards" - Ian D., South Australia

  • authentic Alchemy Gothic watch
  • made of fine pewter, nickel and lead free
  • quartz movement, steampunk style
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