Frightlings Limbo Zombieling Slide On Gothic Charm Pendant

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Limbo Zombieling slide on charm. Let's face it, Limbo is not doing well, even by zombie standards. He's missing several limbs and an eye, and probably a few key organs as well. But he wears his red heart on his chest, and with a little love, will be your faithful companion for as long as he "lives." Solid Sterling Silver Charm with 14ct white gold plating, and hand painted enamel touches. Total length 3cm, head to foot 1.8cm, width 1cm, weight 6.2 grams. All slider Frightlings have a 5mm hole so they will fit most snake style bracelets. If you wish to wear your Frightling as a pendant it will also fit most small link chains.Frightlings are a new and exclusive breed of collectable gothic sterling silver charms, pendants and beads. These beautifully detailed characters are finished with rhodium or gold plating and hand painted enamel. Each character has its own name and comes with a poem sheet for insight into the personalities of these lovable creatures. As unique dark fantasy character charms, they are undeniably cute, utterly adorable and highly addictive. DragonWeave is the exclusive US distributor for this finely crafted line of collectible gothic charm jewelry.

  • authentic Frightlings pendant charm character
  • comes in a red satin pouch in a Frightlings glossy white tote, perfect for gifting
  • jewelry care card also included
  • slider has 5mm hole that fits Pandora style bracelets
  • solid .925 sterling silver
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