Frightlings Stopper Bead - White Gold Plated Silver, Fits Pandora

$ 31.95

Solid sterling silver stopper bead with Frightlings embossed emblem, specially made to fit Frightlings snake chain charm bracelets. This stopper bead fits the Frightlings snake bracelet to safeguard your beloved character charms. Opens and snaps close, be sure to order two to bookend your Frightlings beads and charms.Frightlings are a new and exclusive breed of collectable gothic sterling silver charms, pendants and beads. They feature beautifully detailed characters finished with rhodium or gold plating and hand painted enamel. As unique dark fantasy character charms, they are undeniably cute, utterly adorable and highly addictive. These characters can be worn on charm bracelets or necklaces, and completed with a wide range of Pandora-style beads. DragonWeave is the exclusive US distributor for this finely crafted line of collectible gothic charm jewelry.

  • authentic Frightlings Pandora style bead
  • solid .925 sterling silver with gold plating
  • has 5mm hole that fits Pandora style bracelets
  • can be worn alone, or with Frightlings character charms
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