Thunderstick Thor's Hammer Faux Stretcher Stud Earring by Alchemy Gothic

$ 50.00 $ 24.95

As if thrust insensitively straight through the earlobe, this richly decorated Nordic Thor's hammer earring empowers its wearer both visually and spiritually. When worn, the Thor's Hammer Mjolnir faux stretcher earring cleverly gives the illusion of piercing through the whole ear lobe. Sold SINGLY. Width 1.77" x Height 1.1" x Depth 0.28" Made of lead-free fine English pewter by Alchemy Gothic.

  • authentic Alchemy Gothic design
  • made of fine English pewter, nickel and lead free
  • sold SINGLY
  • Thor's Hammer Mjolnir faux stretcher earring
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