4.8mm Large Gunmetal Steel Ball Chain Necklace with Extra Durable Color Protect Finish

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Gunmetal Steel 4.8mm Large Ball Chain Necklace with Extra Durability and Color Protective Finish. An exclusive ball chain necklace made only by DragonWeave Jewelry, these are also called bead chains. 4.8mm is a large sized ball chain, much larger than the standard size used for key chains. It can be wrapped to wear as a multistrand bracelet or choker. There are about 4 links per inch, and a ball chain connector is included. Our chain is gunmetal colored nickel plated steel. Gunmetal is a dark plating that is very popular for mens jewelry, especially chains. And to keep that way, this chain has been treated with an exclusive crystal clear fine resin finish. This finish gives the ball chain super durability, resistance to tarnish and wear of all kinds - including salt water! It will not dull, fade, turn color, rub off, or turn your skin colors like cheaper chains can do. This unisex gunmetal steel ball chain necklace is ready for hard daily wear, and will keep it's beautiful shiny finish and cool gunmetal color. Available in a wide variety of lengths, from choker to extra long. Handmade in the USA exclusively by DragonWeave Jewelry.

  • gunmetal plated steel 4.8mm large ball chain necklace
  • exclusive crystal clear finish for super durability, color protection, and resistance to tarnish and wear of all kinds
  • huge variety of lengths available, from choker to extra long
  • handmade in the USA
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