Customer Testimonials

The following are portions of the many e-mails that we have received from our customers. We would like to thank our customers for allowing us to publish their kind and encouraging responses. If you would like to add your comments to this section, please e-mail us at

"I just wanted to tell you I just absolutely love your website. Your jewelery is mesmerizing! I am very satisfied.. Who ever makes the jewelry in London does such BEAUTIFUL work.. I get compliments with the jewelery I have bought and I tell them about your amazing website. Thank you.. Thank you."

Pam H.
Eads, CO




"WOW! Dragon Weave really does stand behind their products! They replaced a broken bracelet promptly without any hassle!"

Alan C.
Brookfield, WI

 "Thank you for your extra attention to my order. Thanks to your diligent customer service, the gift arrived on Saturday an hour before it was given as a much appreciated gift. Your extra attention will definitely bring me back to your site for future purchases."

Bobby R., Richmond VA

"I got the necklace and pendant. ALREADY!  I never understand why other companies are not as good --- no, make that  as great as yours is. You are honest, quick and the merchandise is awesome. There are places here in my area that sell stuff similar to yours but I would rather go to a tried and true place such as DragonWeave --- thank you. The jewellery is absolutely beautiful - better than shown. I picked it up from my post box and on the way to town I was ripping the box open putting them on - couldn't wait!"

Inger H., Canada

"Just a quick note to say "Thank you" My order arrived this morning.  I appreciate your taking the time to check the chain fit my dragon perfectly.....I suppose that I could've just bought another dragon for the same amount of money, but then the replacement dragon just wouldn't be my Ernst!  The chain is gorgeous (plus Ernst DID need a new leash ;-) ) Just awesomely nicely packaged and über fast service, and in line with my previous orders , it just is a real pleasure dealing with Dragon Weave.  Again, many thanks (vielen dank!)"

Glenn W., San Antonio TX

"I love the Celtic Filigree Ring, Pearl Phoenix Pendant and the Flower Cloisonne Necklace that I ordered. The ring is delicately beautiful and a perfect fit, the pendant is nothing short of charming and the cloisonne necklace very pretty. All three make wonderful new additions to my jewellery collection! Thank you!"

Shohini S., India

"I just want to say thanks for the new looks great. I now know for myself that all the customer testimonials lauding DragonWeave's excellent customer service are accurate. It seems like you guys recognize that people who want to deck themselves out in pagan jewelry expect a little magic in their lives, and it's your job to make it happen! Thanks again!"

Chris N., Brooklyn NY

"I just received my order today and am thrilled to bits! My boyfriend and I wanted to exchange rings for our fourth anniversary and chanced upon DragonWeave around two weeks back while searching for silver rings which ship to India. We just love the Petite Celtic ring< (which is for me) and the Celtic Openweave ring (which is for him). We are also really happy with the Warrior Dragon Earrings and Anguistralobe Pendant that we ordered. All of these are way more beautiful than the pictures let on! I was happily surprised at how fast you delivered international orders. You have a wonderful collection of jewellery and I will definitely order again. Thank you so much! "

Shohini S., India

"I hope I'm not being too informal. However, where I am from we tell people how simply pleased in every way we are with a purchase, in a neighborly kinda way. Which brings me to the point of this e-mail. I very much found your website by pure internet surfing/universal intervention....yes I'm totally one of those people I totally buy into the who mother earth, tree hugging, every man should love the other hoopla....I'm sure with the fine quality, brilliant design, and picture perfect prices (literally for any budget) of your jewelry you have heard from plenty of my fellow Pagans. I am truly impressed. It was a pleasure from finding the site to browsing and making a huge wish list to make the first purchase. To being gloriously pleased at the short time it took to ship....especially after I clicked the wrong button and had to call and have my order changed just seconds after I confirmed it....I was so delighted when I opened the dynamic black box with the bright gold dragon to find that I got so much more than I dreamed. I would have thought the quality weight and just plain beauty of the Snake Chain and Phoenix Pendant I ordered would have cost me so much more. Needless to say it was all very pleasant shock and awe indeed. I gave the chain with the pendant on it as a gift. It was received with as much joy and admiration as I had hoped. It was also recognized as being of great beauty and high quality by the beautiful spirit who will wear it for years to come. I have since ordered's been a whole 3 weeks I believe between orders. To say I am a Happy Customer is an understatement!  Thank You! I look Forward to ordering again."

Monica T., Mulvane KS

"Dear dragonweave staff,
I just have to say your stuff is absolutely beautiful. Some days I wish I could just go on a shopping spee on your site. Keep up the good work"

Lydia K., Mendota Heights MN

"I am here to announce how absolutely outstanding DragonWeave is. Not only is there beautiful items with amazing quality, but the shipping was past my expectation. Never had I ever squealed so high-pitched when I opened the small, adorable black boxes that contained my jewelry. I have already acquired a wish list of all the items I wish to buy next, expectations in receiving them higher that it had been with any other site. Thank you, for selling such beautiful, unique jewelry, made with fine materials.
A Soon-To-Be Returning Costumer,"

Meg B.

"Your customer service is off the charts good. Really. I ordered it a few hours ago and it's already shipped? Crazy. I ordered some things from you a few years ago, wanted to return one of them after a month... and was instantly refunded all my money. You don't see many companies caring about their customers... you guys are the best EVER. Thanks."

Brandon C.,
Nederland TX

"As you know I live on the other side of the world in Australia. I received your order in 7 Days which is quite amazing and I will order from you again as your items are of excellent quality and the service is unparalleled. Thanks Again."

Terry L.,
New South Wales, Australia

"Thank you so much for your help. I love everything i have ordered and have told many to visit your site."

Melinda L.,
Fayetteville AR

"Hi just sending you an email to let you know I received the necklace and chain and i love it!!!! I have to say I love how quick and painless the exchange with you went and I absolutely love your products.  I am sorry I really thought the chain was from you and I really appreciate you sending me a new one it was very kind and generous of you.  Just to let you know your site will be my one stop shop for birthdays and christmas presents and I have been giving out the dragonweave catalogues to friends.  Thank you so much for everything!! "

Sylvia W.,
Northlake IL

"About the only thing I don't order online anymore is food. With all the web retailers I've dealt with over the years, DragonWeave is at the top of the list. Great product, friendly communication and fast & careful shipping. Thanks!"

John Z.,
Portland OR

"I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for your prompt shipping, and high quality jewelry. I have purchased a couple things from DragonWeave, and I love it. Keep up the great work, as well as the high quality of customer service."

Shannon P.,
Muskegon MI

"Had a very good experience with DragonWeave.  Super fast shipping and high level customer service.  I had accidently ordered the wrong item and Nicole fixed the problem immediately without any hassle and... shipped me a new item the next day. I very much appreciate doing business with them and would highly recommend this company."

Brenda S.,
Orlando FL

"Thank you for my recent order.  The jewelry was excellent and, if anything, the service was even better.  Again, many thanks it was a pleasure dealing with you."

Dave  H.,
Henderson, NV

"I'm a returning customer. I love the selection and the excellent service, expedient shipping, and reasonable prices."

Travis S.,
New Kensington, PA

"I really wanted to tell you how nice your accompanying letter was, as well as the touch of each ring in a nice black box.  I worked in a really great bike shop for years and learned from a wise boss that to treat customers personally and respectfully makes running a business both fun and profitable.  Your offer of easy return and of repair to damage is the kind of generosity of spirit that makes one want to recommend your company to friends  (which I shall) and to repeat business.   I admire entrepreneurs very much and think that the real revolution of a society comes when we produce viable jobs for ourselves and others providing caring services and selling nice things.  I wish you all the best and continued business success.  The rings are perfect."

Chris F.,
Princeton, NJ

"Received my order today, Loved my pendants, Loved the packaging and attention to detail, letter etc., Loved how fast I received it as well.  I will be shopping with you again soon."

Kerri K.,
Rehoboth, MA

"I love your designs!  And  your customer service is second to none.  Anytime I've had a problem with an order or an item you've shipped me, it's been taken care of quickly and efficiently!  You are AWESOME!"

Mark J.,
Alexander, AR

"I've made the order and I've copied the details in below. As soon as I saw the ring I knew it was perfect for my girlfriend. I noticed early on from your website that you claimed that you held customer service in high regard and you're quick responses and eagerness to help me with my specific needs have certainly stood up to that. It's nice to come across a business that clearly cares about what it does. I sincerely appreciate your help with this matter and look forward to getting that ring size to you as soon as I can get my sneakiness completed and then see her face once we get the ring. Feel free to use my testimonial on your website"

Mr. Agnew,
United Kingdom

"Just wanted to thank you, the jewellery arrived safe and sound yesterday with plenty of time and I am sure my niece is going to love both pieces of jewellery."

Janet H.,

"Thank you SO very much!!  I love your jewelry and I really appreciate your being so easy to deal with!  I will return!"

Beth W.,
Raleigh NC

"I've been a customer of yours for four years now, whenever there is an occasion that calls for jewelry i go straight to your site. I've given out alot of your catalogs to friends and family and all of them seems to just absolutely fall in love with the designs and just have to have that special item they find in there. I've gotten my girlfriend alot of things from your site and i absolutely love looking at the look on her face when she opens it up and her face lights up. There is no other Jewelry store i'd rather shop because everytime i open your catalog or go on your site i can spend hours looking through the pages over and over again. I also proposed to my girlfriend with the Goddess Ring with an Amethyst stone in it. It's her favorite stone and she just absolutely loved it. It was definately alot better than going to some big expensive jewelry store that i would spend my life paying off. So basically, i just wanted to thank you for your GORGEOUS designs and i will continue to be a returning customer of yours. With many thanks,"

John I.,
Sicklerville NJ

"Your jewelry is great and I love the fast delivery!!! "

Terry B.,
Decatur TX

"I just got my order and I love it. The jewelry is amazingly beautiful."

Jennifer H.,
Beachwood NJ

"I received my items from you several weeks ago (Onyx Earrings from the clearance sale, two Friendship Symbol Key Chains, the Celtic Tree of Life Pendant and the Flower of Life Pendant) and I apologise for taking so long to send you some feedback!! The Flower of Life is amazing; the moonstone is so vibrant and catches the light beautifully, reflecting so many colours. It looks stunning on my pearls. And there is so much detail in the Celtic Tree of Life, it’s amazing. The key rings are going to be great for my friends for Christmas, there very substantial for the price and come in the lovely box! And the earrings were as well, I love them so much, one can never have enough statement earrings! Thank you again, I'll be placing another order within the month."

Jacqueline B.

"Recently I needed to contact the customer service representative that had initially sent me an email on my first purchase. She replied quickly to my emails and questions.. I am extremely pleased with the way my inquiries were handled and the products. So far I have purchased at separate times the: dragon kruez pendant (with which I get so many compliments on) the heretics cross and the mircalla choker for a very close friend (she loved it). I will definitely be getting other things I have saw on this site.. I have recommended this site to friends and just the people in general that have asked about where I got the dragon kruez pendant.. I am glad I picked this site over the others I looked at."

Bob S.
Jeannette, PA

"I received my jewelry and they are really amazing, I'll be back definitely, but I didn't see any review from Brazilian people on the website... is it possible? Thank you very much!!!!"

Anderson R.

"I just want to let you know that the package arrived safely yesterday. The items are just what I was looking for, I appreciate the fast overseas delivery  and I will gladly order from your shop again."

Genevieve M.

"i just wanted to let you know that my parcel arrived today. i am so very happy with all the things i bought. the star tarot card pendant is just divine. the detail in it is incredible. the chime bracelet is awesome, the bells make such a sweet sound. and my ear cuff is beautiful. i've never seen ear cuffs in shops here (nsw, australia) and mine is so unique. thank you very much, i look forward to buying from you again."

Rochelle C.

"Got my items, thanx for the great service and the packaging was nice! You have a very unique website, I will return"

Sean S.
Lake Havasu City AZ

I got my orders yesterday and i have to say im super pleased, the shipment was fast, the items look great, i will probably buy more stuff from you! thanks alot :)"

Gustav R.

"Even if I asked, I couldn't get better service! Next round of gift-giving leaves DragonWeave at the top of the list!! Thanks for being an exception to the norm and staying true to your promise of customer service excellence!"

Robert C.
Largo FL

"We received our order today and are delighted!! It is beautiful and your customer service was way beyond anything we expected. Thank you for making this such a delightful transaction."

Karen M.
Portland OR

"Thanks so much for your help. I will definitely be shopping at DragonWeave again. Thank you for your wonderful customer service!"

Ashley F.
Halethorpe MD

"Neither the catalog nor the internet do justice to how amazing your jewelry truly is in person!! I’ve been a customer for years and I’m still pleasantly surprised every time I receive another piece. The rings and necklaces I bought years ago still look incredible and are complimented all the time. Just wanted to tell you how incredible you are and to thank you for being so awesome!!"


Tyler R.
Signal Hill CA

"I JUST recieved my induction ring, and rosy croix necklace and dog tags, they have really exceeded my expectations. thanks for the awesome products and great service..will soon plan on buying more of your great products."

Zakariyya E.

"I got my necklaces and I just wanted to email you and tell you that I LOVE them. They're perfect - just what I wanted. The quality is excellent. It is a pleasure dealing with dragonweave. You have excellent products and, just as important, you are so pleasant to deal with. I'll definitely shop with you again and I'll recommend you highly. Thank you again."

Cindy W.
Hillsborough NJ

"I just wanted to thank you so much for taking the time to take and send me pictures of how the charms look on the two different length chains. I was surprised that anyone would take the trouble to do this and I was very impressed. As it is, the pictures helped me greatly in making my decision. I placed my order for pendants, chains, and a cord just a couple of minutes ago. Now, I'm very eager to receive them to see how they look! Thanks again for your help! It was greatly appreciated~ P.S. I have already sent a link to your site to another friend who is interested in expanding her characters necklaces collection; she was impressed by your customer service, as well."

Lisa N.
Lancaster WI

"Thank you very much. I have ordered jewelry from your company in the past and judging by the quality from my last order, I know that i will be pleased with this one. I am very happy and thankful that you got back to me so fast. Most companies don't bother to return phone calls or help their customers as well and as careful as DragonWeave. Again thank you very much and you can bet I will continue to shop with you guys and recommend every one I know to visit your website"

Miguel G.
Shiloh IL

"I just wanted to let you know that our jewelry arrived, much to my surprise on Christmas day... We both love our reverse rope chains. The design is so cool and unusual. It’s different from anything we’ve ever seen before. The black leather 3mm cord is nice too. It only needs to be stretched out a little to get the kinks out, which shouldn’t be too hard to do. And last but certainly not least is theMoon Dragon pendent, which is awesome. My partner has wanted it for some time and is so pleased to finally have it. And I must admit to loving it too, now that I see it in person. It’s much more impressive than the photo depicted. The detail is simply amazing. Since I have a thing for dragons as well, I’ll probably be borrowing it whenever she’s not wearing it. And thanks again for shipping our items so quickly. You guys have great customer service. Rest assured, we’ll be shopping with you again."

Corene T.
Archdale NC

"Your products are phenomenal and your customer service is absolutely unbelievable. It's truly a pleasure to do business with you. Please believe that further orders will follow. You folks certainly know how to make a good impression!"

Grant B.
Boulder CO

"I received both of my orders quickly and painlessly, despite having to go through customs. I absolutely love the custom Kanji pendants with the gemstones; the wolf with the sapphire line, the tiger with the aquamarine line, and the earth dragon with the aquamarine line, as well as the moonstone necklace. The rings and bracelets are fantastic as well. This is now the third Christmas in a row that most of my gifts to others have come from your online store, and I know it will not be the last. Thank you so much"

Tony B.
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

"They are the most beautiful things I have ever received in mail!!!!! (and I have ordered many things by mail since I am disabled). All the care for details in wrapping, boxing, etc. are absolutely appriciated. You really care about the presentation of your most beautiful jewelleries. It really makes me feel good to have received such perfect items. Thank you!!"

Takashi N.
Hawk, MA

"I received the goods last week & am very happy with the quality of the workmanship & speed at which it arrived. Great stuff, keep it up."

Shane V.

"Thank you!! I was so happy with my first order I had to place anothger one right away! :-) GORGEOUS jewelry!"

Tiffany H.
Havertown, PA

"Thank you so much for your help and great service. I will definitely be ordering again from you."

Stephaney M.
Concord Twp, OH

"I just want to compliment you on your excellent service with respect to my order, which I received today! Not only did the delivery time for a special order item far exceed my expectations, but the item itself was presented in a very attractive custom black box and came accompanied by a logo pen and catalog. Very classy!"

Janice L.
Newport Beach, CA

"I loved your website and jewelry!!!! I will be referring you to all my clients and friends!"

Rachelle C.
New City, NY

"I wanted to thank you for always being so helpful and quick to answer my questions about jewelry, and to tell you that I love your website and whenever I need jewelry for either myself or as a gift I always go to look and see what you have first; you have set the standard for me :)"

James K.
Norwalk, CT

"Thanks for the update. This is the 4th item I have purchased from your web site and have been very pleased with everything so far."

Brian M.
Rocky River, OH

"Thank you so much...I love every piece of jewelry you've sent to me. I have even used a few as gifts....the best quality and customer service ever!!"

Heather W.
Summerville, SC

"Received yesterday, and once again, even better than expected (maybe your Web site pictures, albeit excellent, do not do full justice to your products?). Many thanks for everything, and here is wishing you much success!"

Richard M.

"Wonderful! Thank you so much! Your site is so fabulous...I have not found another site anywhere with such great prices and selection on everything. I'll definitely be coming back!"

Trista W.

"I will definitely be shopping with DragonWeave again. The selection is great and so is the customer service!"

Sheila P.
Akron, OH

"Thank you for making this purchase easy, smooth, and completely painless. I LOVE the merchandise: it looks like the images in the web (which is not always the case with some sellers...) You got yourself a new client. I will definitely continue buying from DragonWeave."

Olga E.
Vallejo, CA

"Just received package. Great as usual! This was my second purchase from your web site and the product was delivered on time, you have great follow up, it was wrapped awesomely and I could not be happier."

Brian M.
Rocky River, OH

"I love your merchandise and speedy delivery."

Nancy I.
Newton, NJ

"I will DEFINITELY shop with you again. I'm very, very happy with all the other items I've previously ordered from you. I've referred several of my friends and family to your web site and will continue to do so. Your jewelry is outstanding in quality and price. What you order looks even better when received than it did on the website!! Thank you!"

Lisa S.
Tewskbury, MA

"Hello, I just ordered a simple sterling chain from your company, but when it arrived and I opened it, it was as though I had ordered a diamond ring! I must say....just the way it was sent (earlier than expected) with beautiful wrapping, superior packaging and marketing (fabulous catalogue and eye catching business card) and a great, user friendly site on top of guys have it ALL. I will definitely recommend you to everyone and order from you again! One Very Happy Customer,"

Laura K.
Portland, ME

"Just wanted to say again how much I appreciate the superb customer service. Again I was amazed at how fast they arrived. The Jaws and Mayan ring are excellent and my wife really liked thebutterfly pendant. She wore it to work the next day! Thanks again for great product and customer service."

Kevin & Cheryl H.
Roseville, CA

"thankyou so very much for being prompt and trustworthy, I tell everyone i know to check out your web site and catalog your stuff is awesome thanks!!!!!!!!!"

Leah P.
Calhoun, GA

"Thank you so very much for keeping in touch with me about the necklace for my son. I want to take the time to tell you that I was totally thrilled with the condition in which it arrived and all the goodies that came with it! I was surprised with the contents within the box and the personal letter from you. I am totally impressed with your company and the professional way in which you do business! I wish you and yours and wonderful and happy holiday season! Thank you"

Theresa S.
Arlington, TX

"Hi nicole, just thought I'd let you know my order had arrived and I am very happy with it. Thanks for the speedy delivery, you run a very proffesional company and look after your customers well, oh thanks for the pen too. Have a great festive season and a safe new year."

Merv S.

"Recieved my jewellry order today, well within the time it was expected, so thanks ever so much for your excellent service and packaging."

Robert S.

"Hey I just wanted to say thanks to everyone at dragonweave. I have ordered several items and have had no problems. I really like the fast shipping and quality of jewelry. Thanks again ill be ordering more from yall soon."

Michael S.
Kirkuk Airbase, Iraq

"Hey There Nicole & DragonWeave, Thank You So Very Much !!!!!!!!!!!!!! = )
I received my order today,everything was professionally packaged and looks great I couldn't be happier with DragonWeave, the great customer service they provided for me. I will defientally order from them again in the future."

Bryan T.
Liverpool, NY

"Dear Nicole, recieved order in a very short time, love the quality hope to do business again soon."

Chris B.
Cape Canaveral, FL

"Received my jewelery and free gift and more than happy with my purchase. Thanking You!"

Jo C.

"Your customer service is excellent!!"

Deborah N.
Red Hook, NY

"Hey my shipment arrived on time and the jewelery was awesome, thanks again. you guys rock"

James J.
Westminster, MD

"Received my shipment yesterday! Just as before, your service is unbelievably quick and efficient. Your products are exquisite! I am happy to do business with DragonWeave Jewelry, and look forward to doing so again in the near future! Thank you!"

Tom R.
Bakersfield, CA

"Thank you for sending my order so quickly. It was exactly what my son wanted. Thank you, too, for the necklace you included with the order. That was very kind of you."

Catherine P.
Provo, UT

"All I have to say is, Dragon Weave, Nicole and all those associated. You people are majestic. Thank-you once again, I will definitely be ordering many an item."


Xavi’er Ward

"Well, this is the second order I have place with DragonWeave, and I have to say I LOVE the service, the response time, and the selection.
I ordered the Blue Tribal ring and the Courage Kanji for my husband for Christmas. I loved it so much, and the quality is so excellent that I just ordered the Mother & Daughter Kanji for my mom for Mothers Day. Let me tell you that the DAY after I received my shipping confirmation I received my package. It's BEAUTIFUL. I just want to thank Nicole and ALL the staff at DragonWeave. You folks are doing a wonderful job and you carry items that I can't find anywhere else for awesome prices."

Nina S.
Three Forks, MT

"I recently ordered the High Priestess tarot charm - the small one - and I love it. I recently had a reading done which referenced the Empress, so I ordered that one as well, with this order. Also, I couldn't get the Rosy Cross out of my head, so, of course, I had to order that as well.
Thank you for your wonderful products and your amazing customer service."

Linda B.
Silver Spring, MD

"You guys have beautiful jewelry, fantastic prices and great customer service. I have purchased before, now again and will be back again.
I have spread the word about you guys at work and to friends away from work. Again, thanks for everything and I will be back."

John G.
Langley, WA

"I'd just like to say quality people, quality products. I'd recommend Nicole and Dragon Weave to anybody. I wish all businesses I dealt with were run like they are. Thanks for everything."

Michael F.
Brodheadsville, PA

"I am so glad that you have re-shipped my order with a new ring. You don't know how happy I am that you have honored what you said before about mailing it back and changing the ring out. I really enjoy the other ring. Since you have finally mailed the other ring I know you are an honorable company. I will definitely be buying from you in the near future. Everybody wants some of your rings. I'm debating on a bulk order or not. I might end up buying some as presents for others. Thank you for the comfort and great business"

Justin B.
Temple, TX

"Thanks for the sending my items out in a timely manner. I received them today and am loving them already. I look forward to doing business with you in the near future.
Enthusiastic customer,

Thomas D.
Dripping Springs, TX

"Thanks so much for the reasonable prices, fantastic quality and rapid shipping of the jewelry. out of everywhere i've looked, your site is by far my favorite. all my friends admire whenever i have a ring or pendant to show off, and some have birthdays coming up, so i might take advantage of such a wonderful jewelry site for gift ideas."

Dalton W.
Austin, TX

"I just want to let you know I found your website while randomly searching for bat jewelry. WOW!!! Its Awesome!! I'm on it all the time! I have one of your catalogs, I want everything in it :) ! Before I got your catalog, I printed up a photo of the ring & a choker along with your 800 # I handed all this to my husband and said "please please please if ever I wanted anything for Christmas its this ring. I want nothing but this ring." Did I tell you how great my husband is?? He bought me the ring and the choker. I know for my birthday I will be getting a bracelet from you also!!! I just love your website!!"

Connie L.
Brooklyn, NY

"Now that it is after the holidays, I have time to write you a quick note. I just wanted to tell you that I had the best experience in ordering from your company. Not only was my order packaged nicely, it was also shipped in a very timely manner. The bracelet I ordered exceeded my expectations! I absolutely love it and my boyfriend does too. It's hard these days to find a good company to order things from off the Internet -- so many issues or things that can go wrong. You guys are great, and I just wanted to let you know how much that is appreciated. Keep up the excellent work. I will definitely be doing business with you again."

Chelsea B.
Raleigh, NC

"I wanted to let you know how floored I was at the packaging of your shipment. I purchased something from and received a small red bag with the jewelry inside. Not very well protected and the amount of money I spent on the jewelry deserved much better shipment. Your packaging was beautiful and very very well put together. I was shocked in the amount of time you spent on caring for your shipments. I actually gave the present exactly the way you sent it. I will be ordering again soon & have recommended your website to many of my friends. Thank you very much for caring about your business and your customers, it shows and it will benefit you greatly.

PS - Your website is a great, but the jewelry is GORGEOUS in person!!"

Carolyn C.
Naples, FL

"Thank you for getting my order out so quickly. I am extremely satisfied and I will refer your company to everyone."

Bruce D.
Starke, FL

"I would like to say, I don’t shop much on the net and get nervous when doing so. I was pleasantly surprised at how easy this was and how quickly the necklace was shipped out and arrived here in Australia. I will definitely shop with you again. Thanks again for being so quick and helping to make the dreaded Christmas shopping that much easier. I hope you have a lovely Christmas."

Belinda S.
Sydney, Australia


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