Customer Testimonials (Page 2)

"We received our jewelry. My daughter absolutely loved it. You did a great job! Thank you."

Alejandra C.
Lancaster CA

"Thanks so much! We will definitely order again in the future! You are wonderful to work with."

Kourtney H.
Fenton MI

"I just E-Mailed you like 10mins ago... I asked about tracking my order as my father brought in the mail and I got my order. Now I just what to take the time to thank you. I'm really happy with my order from you and I REALLY apreciate how you got it shipped via airmail which satisfied my only request. This service was amazing and as my friend recommended you to me, I will recommend your site to my friends. Thank you once again!"

Dominik A.

"OH MY GOSH!!!! You guys got it out THAT FAST! You are AWESOME!!!! I'm impressed with the level of detail and care you present on your website. Most impressive. Thanks all!"

Mike D.
Livonia MI

"Hey Nicole, I have ordered several items from you. And I have just received my last order and I was very pleased with it.. So I wanted to send you a e-mail to say thank you for the great service and products and I look forward to doing future business with you. Thanks and have a great day"

James S.
Pontotoc MS

"Hi, i've just recieved my order today, everything is arrived without any problem, thank you verry much, it's beautiful and my girlfriend is very happy. See you next time, and thanks again."

Jean Christian K.

"My personal opinion is, 'Dragon Weave is the best Celtic jewellery shop you can find on the net. Right prices, quick delivers, kind and immediate assistance.' Thanks a lot Nicole! You've always take excellent care of me. I'd definitely recommend your site to anyone. I've gotten fantastic feedback on the necklaces, bracelets, and rings I've procured from you."

Rick M.
Pelham, AL

"I am writing on behalf of my son, who is not too well-versed in the fine art of e-mailing and other such computerese. We placed a rather sizeable order last week, I believe it was on Thursday, for several pendants (and a silver chain for me!). As some internet companies ship promtly and some seem to take their time about it, Jeremy was very excited when your order arrived on Saturday (he's been waiting two weeks for some DVD's from Amazon). He wanted me to write to let you know how pleased he was with the pendants, which are far more impressive in person than the pictures on the web-site. Not that there's anything wrong with the pictures, but there's really no substitute for seeing (and feeling) the metal and the crystals shining in your hand. Sadly, I had to disabuse him of the disillusion that the 4MM 30" sterling silver chain came with one of the pendants. Apparently, he hadn't realized that I snuck that order in along with his pendants. The ones he chose, the Bast necklace, the Starfire unicorn, the Rainbow unicorn and the Wapentak Dragon Sword pendant were the result of careful consideration and the painful process of keeping the order within his means, except for the Rainbow unicorn, which was on a closeout special. Had he ordered everything he really wanted, he would have had to have sold his soul to the devil for the money to afford it. In other words, it's likely you'll be hearing from us again. Thanks again for your prompt service, and for your satisfaction guarantee, which makes it a little easier to order if you're not quite sure whether the item will be as nifty as it looks in the picture."

Mike H.
Baltimore, MD

"I was poking around the net looking for pictures of butterflies when I stumbled upon your web site. I have searched through page after page of junk jewelry searching for something great; many, many times in the past. I have always been disappointed. The quality I found was poor and the prices ridiculous for the workmanship. Not to mention the there was hardly ever any selection in other places.

Your site is phenominal. Where have you been all my life? LOL I was blown away by the quality of the Japanese/Chinese chartacter charms and pendants. After looking through all of those, I found the rest of the site. Your jewelry is simply amazing and the prices actually aren't outragious. I'm stunned. Fabulous work. Just as soon as I decide on something, you will be getting my order. lol And I will certainly be telling people about you.

Thank you for the wonderful creations! Keep it up."

Grace M.

"WOW! I am extremely impressed with the quality of your jewelry. Absolutely beautiful and much, much more than I expected! My pendant is perfect, and my friend is going to be thrilled with his. You guys rock; so nice to find companies which you can trust to do business with on the internet! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I do a lot of business on the internet, so you can expect to get referrals from me…"

Janis H.
Kirkland, WA

"My order arrived last night and it was a huge success, he loved the jewelry and the gift card especially. Thank you so much for your easy checkout system, the quick mailing and arrival, it was a pleasure doing buisness with your company. I will be back!"

Maryellen B.
Enfield, CT

"I just wanted to write you to tell you how impressed I am with the quality of your products as well as the speediness of the delivery. I thought it was going to take 5 days to get the things I ordered and I was pleasantly surprised when I just received the package this morning! I just ordered the items on Thursday and it's Monday and there were already here. I love the pendants I ordered, they are very beautiful...I can't wait to give them out as Christmas gifts. Thank you very much and I will continue to use your web site as well as recommend it to others. Happy Holidays!"

Emi R.
Silver Spring, MD

"Thank you for all the service! The jewelery is beautiful!"

Lauren C.
Syracuse, NY

"I just want to say thank you. You worked with me to get what I wanted and provided a wonderful experience. Thank you for your time and effort,"

Andrew W.
Tulsa, OK

"I got your email informing me of a package sent. ...They are perfect! Thanks so much for the time and effort you spent on helping me! Your kind of service is so hard to find these days. You're very special. Thanks again!"

Stan M.
Orlando, FL

"I just wanted to say thank you for DragonWeaves fast and great service. I got the jewlery on time, and it was perfect. I enjoyed dealing with the company, and look foward to future bussiness in the future. Thanx again so much!"

Paul P.
Cottageville, WV

"You are an amazing company thanks, this has to be the best service I have ever gotten thanks so much ^^"

Ryan D.
Simi Valley, CA

"Just a quick note to advise that my parcel arrived today (along with additional customs charges due). My friend Colleen is THRILLED with my choices for her birthday and loves them. Thank you so very much, I will be back to order more as my son is quite keen on some of the stuff you carry too. Thank you once again for a fabulous service."

Tina C.
United Kingdom

"Hello! I just wanted to tell you that my order arrived on Friday (the 17th), but it was while I was out at the post office.. so I wasn't able to actually pick it up (or even know what had arrived) until yesterday. I'm so happy with it all! Everything is absolutely beautiful.. the Fallia wedding bands fit (I can't even put into words how ecstatic I was to be able to finally hold them and try mine on!), theear cuff fits (and stays on!), and the bracelets and necklace and charms that I'd ordered were even more breathtaking in person. Photos really don't do any of these things justice! I'll tell you, you have a very happy bride and groom to be, and my family and friends who the other things are for too ^-^ Thank you so so so much! I'll defintely recommened you to as many other people as I'm able! Wait until my fiance, friend, mom and sister get their things, I'm sure they'll want to email you their own personal thanks! As for me, after the wedding, perhaps you'd like to see pictures of your products on the happy couple *grins* I'll make sure to upload some and send links after July (the wedding is the 23 of that month!) Thank you so so very much again, for all of your time and care, and for the wonderful products and service that you offer. ^-^ I do hope to do business with you again, once I'm not going broke from the wedding costs. :P There's still a bunch of things I want!"

Jennifer H.

"I just wanted to say that my products have arrived and I am very pleased, they are beautiful. I will be ordering more from your site/store, soon. Thanks, and take care."

Shaun S.

"Thank you very much. I'd like to say your site is very very exellent and I'll definetly be a returning customer :D"

Andrew G.
Puerto Rico

"The best celtic jewellery shop you can find on the net. Right prices, quick delivers, kind and immediate assistance. Thanks a lot Nicole!"

Jacopo S.

"Thank you for your expeditious packing and shipping of the items I purchased from you. I look forward to receiving the package tomorrow and giving your gorgeous items to my daughter on the 25th. She gave me a HUGE list of things she wanted and your jewelry was at the top of the list and I can see why. I may be borrowing them from her from time to time. Again, thank you."

Nancy J.
Boca Raton, FL

"Thank you so much for your help. I am very pleased with the jewelry. My daughter is going to love it. I will most definitely recommend your site to others. Thanks again"

Shelly G.
Las Vegas, NV

"I'd like to thank you for your continuously excellent and prompt customer service. My charm was accurately replaced and looks great back on my leather cord necklace! I will continue to conduct future business with you and recommend your site to others for your unique products and top-notch service. Thanks again!"

Derrick L.
Chandler, AZ

"I received my jewelry and everything looks great. I am an investment consultant and work with many small to mid-size business owners and I am very impressed with your professionalism. I will be happy to refer my friends and colleagues to your website. Thanks and keep up your good work."

Jessica F.
Saint Clair, MI

"I just wanted too let you know that I received my order today. I Love Your Great Customer Service That I Received And I Love The Fine Quality Of Your Products And I am Very Satisfied And I Especially Love The Black Dragon Boxes They Came In. I Love Them So Much I Placed Another Order I Can't Wait Until It Gets Here"

Bryan T.
Liverpool, NY

"Thank you very much. You have excellent customer service. One of the charms that I ordered is a gift for someone and I thought I'd be a while before I got it. I will definitely order something else from your site - I was thinking of ordering the adjustable snake ring. Save me one!"

Wayne R.
Detroit, MI

"I'm impressed by the quality of your items and by the fact that they look just as good in the flesh as they do in their illustrations. This is not always the case! Thank you for quick service and the range offered on your site, I look forward to keeping up with new items there."

Pam S.

"I’ve ordered rings from your site -- numbering four (and another to come) -- earrings, and a necklace. I’m vastly satisfied with every single item I've received. It’s very fortunate for me that I, by happenstance, found your site. The items that I’ve received from DragonWeave aren’t pieces of jewelry that I can readily find here where I live. The pricing is manageable enough and the shipping wait is very agreeable. Many thanks"

John H.
Lexington, KY

"As usual is a pleasure do business with you. You're not only efficient but attentive. Although we're not face to face, I still have the feeling that I'm dealing with a human being. Keep on the great work, because certainly, I'll be coming back."

Jorge D.
New York, NY

"Thanks a lot for your excellent customer service. I will gladly do business with you again."

Jonathan Z.
Greenville, SC

"Dear customers of DragonWeave Jewelry,
Nicole is an outstanding example of what "real customer service" should be. I asked her if she could assist me in obtaining various pieces of jewelry outside of what she stocks. She not only searched for several weeks but presented me with pictures when she located them. Then, kept me "up-to-date" every step of the way!!! Nicole, they're beautiful and I thank you once again."

Kurt N.
Fullerton, CA

"I just wanted to thank you so much for your great customer service! I received my exchanged merchandise (black leather cord) today, and was so surprised and pleased that there was no extra charge! I really appreciate it!"

Angela B.
Elkhart, IN

"True to the spirit of the Dragon! Thank you for your fine and professional service. I have received my shipment this morning, Transaction #812595107, in excellent shape. Please count me as a thoroughly satisfied customer. From my confirmation at checkout, your email the next morning with the tracking information, and your kind note which you included with the shipment, I felt I was taken cared of every step of the way. I especially like the printed gift card with your DragonWeave logo on the envelope with the gift message inside. I'm sure she'll be very pleased. I believe if I were to pick a card for you, it would be the Empress... because I have felt nurtured by your service. Thank you again."

Douglas J.
Worcester, MA

"I truly dont know how to thank you, I have never had serivce like this before. I mean it usually takes alot longer for purchases like 2 to 3 weeks
and well I have to say again thank you for everything, I will be using your store, for my wedding and for anniversaries, Girl, you are the best!, I know I must be proper but I am in tears of joy, you don't know how happy you made me. If there is anything you need help with that I can be of service with let me know and I will help you out I am in your debt.

Thank you for the ring, I had just recieved it and opened it and it is perfectly fine and just in time I will give the ring to Ron tonite. I
appreciate everything that you have done for us and I would like to say I will be buying more from your store. You are a savior :) I hope we will be doing business soon."

Jason S.
Worcester, MA

"I had a bad day. People were on me pretty bad. I went to the mailbox and received my order. I put the ring on, and started immediately having good luck. I was trying to fix an order screw up with a guy I couldn't get a hold of. I was sent right through to him, and he told me to keep the order I received, and he'll send me my original order. That was over a $200 item, for free. I took the ring off because it was too small for the intended finger. I put it on my little finger, and less than a half an hour later, I received a hat I ordered and it fit perfectly. The third hat in my life that ever actually fit. Hmmmmm. I'll let you know if anything else comes up. One hour, it's running smooth."

Erik M.
Santee, CA

"I received my Tarot pendants with gemstones the other day, & I am thrilled-they are absolutely beautiful. I was looking for a special birthday gift for my best friend, & found the perfect item on your website. Of course I had to get one for myself. I just love it & can't wait to see my friend's reaction when I give her hers. Thank You!"

Diane I.
Virginia Beach, VA

"Another great transaction! Thanks again for such "personalized" service. I wish that more online businesses were as "customer oriented" as yours. You've got a customer for life!"

Kurt N.
Fullerton, CA

"I received my ring today. I love it, it is very cool. Thanks again for the speedy delivery and the great merchandise. I definitely will be ordering from you again!!!"

Alan A.
Howe, IN

"Received the product today. I was concerned with the size - its for a charm bracelet and its perfect . Ordering a few more now. She'll love it. Thanks for the great service."

Marlon C.
Melville, NY

"I got the order. Thank you so much for your special attention on this - I appreciate it greatly. I've two friends whom I feel confident will be ecstatic over their presents! The necklace is gorgeous and the ring striking. Thank you again. It has been a great pleasure doing business with your company, and I will certainly be sending folks your way."
[Web Art Necklace and Deadly Friendship Ring]

Donna N.
Universal City, TX

"I'm so excited to finally order something for myself from you. I ordered for my husband and nephew before. I've been wanting the tree of life pendant with leather cord and my husband said this morning please order it you deserve it! Isn't that sweet! I know I'll be happy with it........your stuff is great."
...and then later:
"I received my necklace today ! I love it. It looks great on the black cord. Once again I'm a very happy customer. I'll be back to order again I'm sure."

Renee B.
Shelby Township, MI

"I just received the jewelry, thanks, they're amazing!"
[Astrolabe Pendant and Speculum Necklace]

Karin K.

"Thanks for your great service, my last order arrived fast and I was very pleased."

Catherine S.
Bluffton, SC

"I just wanted to write you and let you know that we received my husband's wedding band and he loves it! Thank you again so much for all your help! Happy Valentine's Day"

Beth W.
Garland, TX

"Thank you for all your help and being so workable. I do appreciate it. I look forward to getting the stones monday, and doing business with DragonWeave in the future."

Jon M.
Maple Shade, NJ

"I received my ring today and I am SUPER happy with it!! I have already recommended you to a few of my friends, so hopefully they will purchase from you as well"

Dusty M.

"I just wanted to let you know that my earrings arrived safe and sound yesterday and that they are absolutely gorgeous!! Thank you so much, you are such a top notch seller!! : )"

AnnaMarie H.
Westland, MI

"I received the necklace today. I don't know if I can wait until Jan. 27th to give it to him. I love it. Thank you so much for all the effort you put into your orders (card, box, etc.) and the quality is exceptional.

A Happy customer....again"

Renee B.
Shelby Township, MI

"The rings arrived and they are beautiful. Thanks again for your help."

Rockne R.
Los Angeles, CA

"I just got the pendant today and I love it! Thank you so much for your prompt service."

Cecille B.
Stafford, VA

"Thank you so much... We have had nothing but the best customer service in connection with DragonWeave -- you are a class act!!!!"

Leslie T.
Houston, TX

"Wow, they got here yesterday!! I'm so excited, I love my new rings! You guys are on my "favorites" list. You'll be hearing from me soon. Thanks for the great service!"

Karin C.
Alexandria, VA

"I just wanted to say thanks for the great necklace. Recently I received my order from you guys, and the dragon pendant/necklace [Wyverex Dragon Necklace] was wonderful. I really liked it a lot and it looked exactly as shown online. You have a great selection of neat and unique jewelry, and the prices are great. The shipping was so fast, Iwas amazed. I'm a very satisfied customer. I will shop at in the future, because I was very pleased."

Josh H.
Rescue, CA

"I just received a call from Lori. She loves the dragon pendant! Thank you so much for all you have done. It is such a pleasure to do business with someone like you who goes to such trouble to make sure that problems are resolved and everything is taken care of . I look forward to shopping with you again soon."

Terri V.
Charleston, SC

"I just wanted to let you know that I received my order yesterday and was very pleased. I found your company to be very professional and prompt. My niece is facinated with the Japanese culture and I will definately order more from your company. I will be sure to recommend DragonWeave. Thanks again for everything."

Kim H.
Brockport, NY

"Hello, I just wanted to tell u that it was a pleasure doing business with u. My item arrived very fast (faster than I expected). I just ordered something else but just wanted to drop u a line and let u know I am a very satisfied customer..thank you"

Nancy R.
Mays Landing, NJ

"They arrived, and they're lovely. Thanks. One good experience means we'll be back."
[Chinese Courage Symbol charms and Slim Rubber cords]

Helen A.
Austin, TX

"Just wanted to let you know I received my order on Monday and am very happy with it. The ear cuff is a lovely piece of work and an instant favorite for me. I don't buy jewelry very often, but I will definitely check your site again when I have a jewelry urge."

Jean D.
McHenry, IL

"I received the goodies and they are beautiful. I will definitely tell my friends and shop for more! THANK YOU!"
[Wisdom Dragon Pendant]

Kristine K.
New York, NY

"Thank you, Nicole.... The item [small 3-D dragon charm] arrived today, and was everything I had hoped. I couldn't be more pleased, and will gladly recommend your services in the future. Thanks again, and best regards."

Stephen C.
New Berne, NC

"Thank you, Nicole. Your personal touch is both professional and sweet. I will tell all my friends about your company!"

Johnathan E.
Jacksonville, FL

"Just recieved my pendant and ring today. Thank-you so much, they look terrific. Thank-you also for the prompt delivery. I will return in the future for more items."

Gary S.

"Beautiful bracelet arrived. Thanks so much. Wish I could find those tiny Celtic beads. I just love them. I will be back for more shopping."

Joann M.
Conyers, GA

"I just wanted to thank you for your excellent customer service at Dragonweave. I had previously ordered a 15" Rubber Cord Necklace that went defective and was replaced immediately with care and concern. I also ordered a Japanese Kanji charm that goes beautifully with my new leather replacement cord necklace. Thank you so much for your prompt handling of matters and for providing quality products with even better product support."

Derrick L.
Pacific, WA

"I can't be happier. Doing business with you is like a charm. I placed my order on Sunday night and received my bracelet on Thursday morning. No hassle at all. The piece is perfect, excellent quality. I only wish you had it in gold. Thank you very much."

Jorge D.
Astoria, NY

"Excellent service and beautiful jewelry. My ear cuff arrived today while the day care children were here. They were very impressed: lots of ohhs
and ahhs! Thank you!"

Michael K.
Minneapolis, MN

"I ordered a lovely Gemini Rune pendant as well as a clear quartz point pendant to help me with clarity and inner peace. I'm currently deployed to Iraq, and Nicole managed to get the items to me in a timely manner. The jewelry is beautiful and I can feel the effects already, I wouldn't hesitate to order again, thank you!"

Kianna S.

"In searching for a gift for a close friend who had recently lost her cat, I found DragonWeave Jewelry. I discovered a variety of lovely cat charms and bracelets that met my high standards of quality. The web site was easy to use and Nicole was very prompt in answering questions that I had about quick shipping. Within 2 days I had the sympathy gift for my friend. She loves the bracelet and has received several compliments on how nice it looks. DragonWeave Jewelry demonstrates outstanding business practices and I plan on using their services for future purchases."

Renae R.
Odenton, MD

"Dear nicole,
Here is your testimonial!!!!
The ring is absolutely ace!
Ok, everyone, let's hear it for dragonweave!
Love, av."

Avril F.
United Kingdom

"My necklace is beautiful! The price is well worth having such a well-made piece. I was so suprised at how nice the pendant and chain were compared to silver I've bought before that was much thinner and sometimes broke. Also the packaging was great and it got here so fast I hardly had time to get anxious =) On top of my plans to be a repeat customer I'm already telling my friends. Thanks again."

Sarah P.
Union, NJ

"I received my order today and am ::very:: happy with it. I'll be sure to stop by your site again. Great selection and great service! Thanks!"

Diana D.
Zion, IL

"I must tell you that I had a extremely pleasant experience with Dragonweave and my order. The quality of the items I ordered was extremely good and the packing and service was totally topnotch. Thank you and we will be ordering from you again."

Thursey S.
Rockport, TX

"The order arrived here perfectly. Thak you very much for helping us to place the order and for your nice treatment to us in every moment. Pleased of have had dealings with you. See you soon!"

Raúl V.

"I received my silver butterfly cuff bracelet today, and I love it. I really like all the jewelry I have purchased from Dragonweave. Thank you for your lovely merchandise and prompt service."

Gail G.
Stirling, NJ

"Thank you very much for your kind attention toward my order. I will keep your site in my Favorites Folder, and will surely use you again and recommend you to my friends."

Theresa C.
Bronx, NY

"I just received my order after a long weekend away (such a nice surprise upon my return home!) and love the necklace I bought for my daughter's graduation. Better yet, I know she will love it! You were terrific about ordering - I wasn't able to order via internet so I e-mailed you, you got back to me right away and gave me a cell phone number to call with my credit card number. Everything got accomplished quickly, accurately and with a really nice customer service touch (I ordered something you thought might be accomplished better with another product of the same cost). Thank you so much for everything! I will most certainly order from you again."

Kim C.
Andover, MA

"Thank you for such great service. I placed this order online and there was a question. You called immediately and set everything straight. the rings came and they are beautiful. The engraving is also beautiful and I am very pleased and will highly recommend you to my friends."

Lauren R.
Center Valley, PA

"My pendant and neck chain arrived today in record time! Thank you for your prompt response. I am very pleased with the quality of your sterling silver - I will definitely be ordering from DragonWeave again in the near future."

Janice B.
Memphis, TN

"DragonWeave rocks! You guys had the exact thing I was looking for that I couldn't find anywhere else...and it came amazingly quick. Cheers!"

DüG W.
Carlsbad, CA

"I received our Dragonweave order in today's mail. The items were as described & we are very pleased with our purchase. Thank you very much for such prompt & effective service."

Leslie T.
Houston, TX

"Hi, thanks a lot for everything, the ring is exquisite. I won't need to exchange for the larger size it fits perfectly. I'm overwhelmingly satisfied
with the prompt shipping and courteous relations. I look forward to future purchases with you and everyone at Dragonweave, again thanks very much."

Jason P.
Falls Church, VA

"You guys have the best customer service that I ever had the pleasure of expieriencing. I got a pendant for my birthday and one of the gems fell out of it. I sent it back and within a couple of days, I had it back again good as new. I wish all websites and stores had your kind of service. You can definitely use this testimony."

Corry T.
Telford, PA

"Hello, I was very pleased with my purchase! The ring is very beautiful! The packaging was very good and it arrived within days with was excellant as I'm in the UK. Thanx again, I will be purchasing more in the future!"

Barbara and Louise K.
United Kingdom

"Hi Nicole, This is Dawn, I'm the one that ordered the cross charm and chain. Just wanted to let you know that I received it today in the mail. And I Love It!!! My husband is also impressed with it. I just wanted to tell you "Thank You" and that I will recomend you web site to all of my friends that are into quality jewerly like yours. Thanks again, I will be ordering from you again"

Dawn F.
Centre Hall, PA

"I received my order today (leather cord) and I am very satisfied with it. I would definitely shop at your site again, and the delivery time was excellent as well as your communication with me."

Eleanor P.
Manchester, CT

"Nicole, Thank you so much. I can't believe that I lost my husbands wedding band 2 days before the wedding. Thank you for coming to the rescue. I wil recommend you to my mom, aunt, and mother in law who love to shop, especially for jewelry, Thanks a billion. Sincerely,"

Amelia C.
Kenedy, TX

"Hi Nicole, just wanted to drop you a note to thank you for the very prompt service. The bracelet and armband are even more beautiful than your pictures. Thank you again !"

Mia P.
Ventura, CA


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