Amethyst Illusion Necklace Choker with Sterling Silver Magnet Clasp

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DragonWeave Amethyst Illusion Necklace Choker with Sterling Silver Magnet Clasp. Simple and elegant necklace for women and girls, the illusion necklace is made of crystal clear transparent cord strung with a bead that appears to float on the wearer, held by an invisible cord similar to fishing line. Our illusion necklace cord is a super-strong nylon monofilament.

Hanging on this invisible cord is an all-natural untreated genuine Grade A amethyst gemstone, round and deep royal purple in color. The amethyst is 8mm in size, about the size of a pinky fingernail, or a large pea.

The clasp is a solid .925 sterling silver magnet, strong lightweight and easy to use, perfect for a single-strand illusion necklace. Please note, sliding the magnet ends sideways rather than pulling directly apart will prolong the life of your necklace.

This amethyst illusion necklace is handmade in the USA exclusively by DragonWeave. It comes gift boxed, with our lifetime warranty.

Please remember to choose a length.

  • genuine natural amethyst 8mm gemstone illusion necklace
  • sterling silver ends, magnet clasp
  • invisible nylon 'fishing line' transparent necklace cord
  • comes gift boxed, with lifetime warranty
  • please remember to choose a length

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Kimberly D.

I love this unique "magical" necklace. Beautiful amethyst bead.

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