EER Patent Solar Powered Turbine Fob Watch by Alchemy Gothic

$ 300.00 $ 124.95

This steampunk fob watch features an alchemically etched MOVABLE brass turbine housed beneath a slatted pewter face-plate. Upon opening the magnetic clasp, one finds the watch face is white with calibration (including an ominous red zone) labeled "temporal decay index" and "galvanic scale." The outside has vault-like trimmings and wrapped copper wiring to complete the "far beyond a mere mortal fob watch" look. Quartz movement, English pewter. Outside is 2" (56mm) wide and 3" (75mm) tall including fob watch end at top. Watch face is 1 1/2" (30mm) wide.

Setting the time: Set your watch by removing the actual watch fitting from the cast case. This can be done by putting a finger nail or pin underneath the silver watch face and you will find it will pop out. You can then use the dial to adjust the time and pop the watch face back in again.

  • quartz movement steampunk fob watch by Alchemy Gothic
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