EER Patent Solar Powered Turbine Fob Watch by Alchemy Gothic

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This steampunk fob watch features an alchemically etched MOVABLE brass turbine housed beneath a slatted pewter face-plate. Upon opening the magnetic clasp, one finds the watch face is white with calibration (including an ominous red zone) labeled "temporal decay index" and "galvanic scale." The outside has vault-like trimmings and wrapped copper wiring to complete the "far beyond a mere mortal fob watch" look. Quartz movement, English pewter. Outside is 2" (56mm) wide and 3" (75mm) tall including fob watch end at top. Watch face is 1 1/2" (30mm) wide.

Please note, this watch is NOT solar powered, that is just the name Alchemy Gothic created for it.

To set the time, gently use a jewelers screwdriver to lift the adjustment peg, then adjust the time by gently turning the adjustment knob with your thumb. To change the battery, a small jewelers screwdriver can remove the back plate to access the battery WITHOUT having to try to force the watch from the cosmetic housing.

LAST ONE, DISCONTINUED: once this is sold, no more are available.

  • quartz movement steampunk fob watch by Alchemy Gothic
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