Laidly Wyrm Crystal Alchemy Gothic Dragon Necklace

$ 120.00 $ 68.95

Antiqued fine English pewter serpent dragons each coil around an amethyst faceted crystal teardrop. Beneath them, a central marquise cut amethyst crystal, then a flourish heart which dangles a third teardrop amethyst crystal. This Alchemy Gothic necklace is named for the Northumbrian folklore story of a prince's daughter who is turned into a wyrm-dragon by a bitter witch, and is only released from her curse when her father returns from abroad to kiss the monster, restoring her to her youthful charms. Pendant portion is 4" wide and 3 1/2" long, on a black satin cord which can be tied to adjust from choker length up to 36" long.

Customer Testimonial: "Package arrived ^_^ The Laidly Wyrm Necklace is even cooler than it looked in the pictures." - Theresa M., Canada

NOTE: Discontinued. Once these are sold, no more will be available.

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